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How to Wish Merry Christmas in French

How to Wish Merry Christmas in French

joyeux Noël 2016

Merry Christmas in French Images Download

Merry Christmas in French Images Download

Merry Christmas is on its way by the year end and everyone is looking forward to wish their near and dear ones in the best possible manner. It’s very much usual in recent times that people travel across nations and make good friends there. And there is no better way than the festival of Christmas to wish them.  Now if you have some acquaintances who live in France then why not wish them merry Christmas in French.  As people who are not with the family members or friends around are the ones who need wishes the most. And nothing can be even more fulfilling than getting merry Christmas wishes in the native language that they are used to now in the foreign country.

Merry Christmas in French

Even if you don’t know French the translation of merry Christmas in French is easy so that you can easily send across your wish. Joyeux Noël is how one can wish merry Christmas in French to his near and dear ones who belong to France. For a commoner to understand, one can always break the two words and relate them to the English words which help understanding the meaning better.  Joyeux is basically an adjective that counts to being merry and joyous. Whereas on the other hand Noel is simply the translation of Christmas in French. So now knowing the meaning clearly one can easily relate to and send wishes across to your friends by saying merry Christmas in French.

Wishes can be face to face, on social media or any other platform but what matters is that you say it in the most perfect way possible. Now when you know the clear meaning of the French language or translation, wishing merry Christmas in French is bound to make your friends even happier. As everybody loves to hear from anyone in his or her own language. As it gives a sense of familiarity and knowingness. What’s even better is that you need not have to learn the whole language to make it sound better rather.

Merry Christmas in French

If you are going to wish your friend overseas merry Christmas in French over phone, then also it’s not a worry. What can be done is that one can always see you tube tutorials for learning to say merry Christmas in French. This can allow your voice messages to sound even better to them in their native language. Apart from this a more improvised way to wish merry Christmas in French is that one can sing a short carol and send across. This is something that can be even more touching than just a simple text message or an image message.

Besides this there are various online stores that send across gifts to people. You can simply write heartfelt wishes of merry Christmas in French and make them reach the audience. So spread the message of love and happiness this Christmas and make it lovable for near and dear ones both here and even overseas.


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